RFID Security System

Smart Labels

The core component of any RFID system is the label itself without the label the rest of the system simply cannot operate. It is therefore critical that the labels you chose are 100% reliable and fit for purpose. All Bibliotheca RFID labels are compliant with ISO 18000-3 and ISO 15693 air interface protocols and the SLi-X chips are capable of storing data in the industry standard ISO 28560 format. In addition we are proud to offer all labels in our range with a 50 year or 100,000 read-write data retention guarantee. All Bibliotheca products can read multiple tags and data models.

Smart Station

Desktop solutions designed to assist staff with administration activities The smartstationTM range provides staff with a fast and efficient means to program and verify RFID tags. Items within the library may also have their security added or removed without interaction with the LMS/ILS. This may be applied to multiple items of mixed media, placed on the antenna at any time. Additionally, using our smartstationTM manager software, the smartstationTM range allows staff to perform multiple item issue, renew and return processes, at the staff desk using a direct link with the LMS/ILS, even down to the ability to print receipts for the customer.

Smart Serve

Allow users to independently borrow and return library items SmartServe TM is the latest solution in touch-screen kiosk technology that gives users freedom to manage their account and borrow and return items. This stand-alone and desktop solution allows your library to be opened throughout the day, manned or unmanned as well as freeing up valuable staff time to spend with the students to promote reading and develop their literacy skills. Let the kiosk do the leg work…

Smart Gate

Protect and secure your library materials using state-of-the-art RFID security gates. Security systems are the non-glamorous work-horses that provide a visible deterrent and anti-theft capabilities to libraries. We offer a range of options in our collection that support the latest in long-range RFID through to the more traditional Electromagnetic (EM) technologies. All RFID products are supported by our smart gate manager software, which gives libraries instant information about items causing alerts and historic logs of old transactions.

Smart stock

A handheld unit designed to aid and assist staff with stock management functions.
Without a collection a library does not exist – and without materials in the right place it becomes a constant frustration for library users. Our range of RFID SmartStock- inventory and handheld devices have been designed to allow library staff to effectively manage their collections as well as assist patrons during peak times at the library.

Smart Return

Our internal and external entry points are the patron-facing points, allowing library customers to quickly and easily return multiple items at once. Libraries of all sizes have to handle returns – every item borrowed has to come back! To make this process as quick and efficient as possible and to remove the thousands of staff-hours a manual process requires we offer a full range of return and sorting systems designed to meet most requirements.



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