• Descriptive cataloging is based on the AACR2 Plus.
  • MARC21 Format are used to describe variable as well as fixed fields according to OCLC methodology.
  • Personal names & corporate names are established according to the LC Authority Files.
  • “Qaimat Ruus al-Mawduat aI-Arabiyah /by Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Kahzindar is the main source for Arabic materials subject analysis. Unavailable topics will be translated from the LCSH, and incorporated to Qaimat Ruus Al-Mawduat al Arabia in coherent way. In addition to using some other standardized Arabic subject headings for new subjects that are not included in Al-Khazindar’s subject headings Such as Qaimat Ruus al-Mawduat al-Arabiyah al-Kubra” / by Shaban Khalifah.
  • Library of Congress Classification numbers will be directly taken from the Library of Congress classification Web.
  • Various notes will be drafted in standard Arabic in a controlled manner.
  • The classical Arabic will be mainly used in cataloging Arabic materials, In addition to checking the spelling and the characteristics and requirements of the Arabic language in the digital environment.
  • Standardization of personal names, corporate names … etc. using standard authority files such as those used by the Library of Congress to ensure compatibility and to avoid multiple possible entries.

Bibliographic records undergo a stream of quality assurance test before being loaded to the bibliographic database. Methodology includes the followings:

  • Accuracy of data filled in the bibliographic records.
  • Correct heading in 1XX, 6XX, 7XX fields.
  • Correct fixed fields contents.
  • Correct Non-filing indicators.
  • Incorporating title of original works for translated works.
  • Assurance of correlation between LC class numbers and first main subject.
  • Heading in the bibliographic records.
  • Creating subject heading for fiction works.
  • LibraryTech will provide spine labels and save covers.
  • Printing spine labels and pasting on items with save cover.

What you can expect from LIBRARYTECH?

  • Provides reclassification services to libraries moving from one classification to another.
  • Provides cataloging services for all the library materials.
  • Working with experienced and highly professional catalogers .
  • Follow international rules and standards.
  • Guaranteed high quality processes.
  • Speed up the processing of your new materials.
  • Helps making the shelves ready for circulation.
  • Time and Cost effective.
  • We deliver your records in a machine-readable format following your specifications



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